How to Warm Up Your Apartment this Winter

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Staying warm in the winter is a battle all on its own. We want to be warm and cozy but don’t want to turn the heater on too high because it’s expensive. Luckily, there are cost-effective ways to warm up your apartment this winter without breaking the bank. Use the following tips to keep the cold outside where it belongs and warmth inside with you!

Rugs and Carpets

The floor gets very cold and heat can escape through the cracks. Consider laying down a rug or carpet to prevent the heat from leaving the apartment. Getting a rug will keep your feet and apartment warm, as well as aesthetically bringing the home together.

Use Your Blinds Correctly

Your windows let in just as much warmth as they do the cold. Knowing when the right time to use your blinds is the true difference maker. Leave your blinds open throughout the day, especially if the sun is shining. The natural sunlight will warm up your apartment when you’re not home. It’s time to close your blinds when it starts to get dark. The afternoon and night time don’t provide any heat to be absorbed, so leave the blinds closed until morning to preserve heat.

Programmable Thermostat

Investing in a programmable thermostat, if the apartment already doesn’t come with one, is another heat issue solution. This automation technology allows you to set the dials to a reasonable, and cost-effective temperature that makes the most sense for certain times throughout the day. Don’t run the heat high when you’re not home or when you’re sleeping. There’s no point in having the heat on when you can’t benefit from it and you’ll already be warm under the covers at night.

Draft Dodgers

Draft dodgers are essentially long, thick socks to put underneath your door and windows to seal the cracks. These cushions keep the cold air from entering and circulating within your apartment.

Cooking & Baking

Home cooking and baking is a great option to warm up your apartment. The heat from the stove or oven will emanate from the appliance and directly bring warmth into your home. Since apartments aren’t terribly large in size, this heat will spread throughout the home quickly. You’ll be able to keep warm all winter long and treat yourself to a tasty snack! As an extra tip, leave the oven door open even when you’re finished to reap the benefits of any extra warmth.

Reverse the Ceiling Fan

Use the ceiling fan to your advantage since warm air rises and cool air sinks. A fan rotates counterclockwise to push air down to cool us off during the spring and summer. Reversing the fan’s direction will pull the unwanted cool air up and mix with the warm air sitting near the ceiling. The cool and warm air will mix and be pushed back downward to make your apartment feel warmer.

Light Candles

Lighting candles are a simple solution to further heat your apartment. Candles not only create heat from their flame but also give off the illusion of warm ambience even when the temperature hasn’t improved much. Candles will benefit to the warmth of your apartment, but sometimes it’s the psychological aspect that helps the most.

Apartments for Rent in Sterling, VA

Old man winter is a crafty fellow and he’ll try and freeze you out of your own home. Take steps to fight back and keep the heat inside with you this season! To learn more about Lerner Properties, contact us or view the photo gallery and virtual tour of the Remington location to see if these apartments are the right fit for you!

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