Why Apartment Life is Easier than Owning a Home in the Winter

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Apartment living in the wintertime is a major advantage compared to the responsibility of owning a home. A perk of living in an apartment over a home is that your bills are practically cheaper all around. Rent generally costs a lot less than a mortgage and your energy usage isn’t as high while comparing the two. There’s significantly less maintenance, cost and worry involved which leaves more time for you. Consider apartment living during the winter to save time and money with these helpful tips.

Smaller Space to Heat

A common apartment space usually doesn’t offer the largest living space, but that’s a good thing in this case. A smaller space means less area to heat. This creates more efficient use of your energy because the apartment will retain more heat than a multi-roomed or floored home. This smaller space will drastically drive down the cost of the heating portion on your utility bill throughout the winter. The winter can obviously be very cold, and it’d be silly to not use your heater at all. You’ll want to use it in a sufficient manner to stay warm and promote cost-efficiency for your wallet.

No Outdoor Maintenance

The biggest perk of apartment living is little to no outdoor maintenance.

You’ll most likely not have the opportunity to own the grandest of property, but you’ll be happy you don’t during the winter. You can cozy up inside and watch the snowfall instead of having to shovel out a walkway, driveway, or anywhere else around the house. You may have to brush off your balcony at the very most to prevent too much snow from piling over the door.

Parking Garages

Many apartments will provide residents with the option of utilizing a parking garage for their cars. This will come in handy during the winter and your car won’t be exposed to the elements. Brushing off snow, chipping off ice, and waiting for the defrosters to kick on will never make you late again. The biggest perk of all with a parking garage is that you won’t have to shovel out your car in the event of snowfall. Avoid digging out your car multiple times throughout a storm and struggling to get the tires over buildups of ice. The winter can do some damage to your car, but a parking garage amenity will save the day.

Fitness Centers

Winter conditions do quite a number to the roads as the temperature starts to drop. The roads get slick with ice and deciding to drive isn’t always the best idea. That means you may not be going anywhere for a while during a storm or relatively bad weather. You may often find yourself in quite the dilemma throughout the winter if you’re one who cannot miss a daily workout routine. Since you don’t have room for a home gym in your apartment, and you can’t drive there, many complexes offer on-site fitness centers to visit. All you’ll have to do is get ready for your workout and you’ll be at your own gym in less than a five-minute walk, just be careful walking there if you have to go outside.

Apartments for Rent in Sterling, VA

Living in an apartment during the winter offers huge perks compared to owning a house. The apartment life allows a resident to cut back on major maintenance responsibilities that allow for more worry and stress-free time. To learn more about leasing your own apartment with Lerner Properties at Remington, contact us or view our photo gallery and virtual tour for a closer look!

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