How to Rearrange Your Apartment Furniture

Rearranging Your Apartment Furniture in Dulles, VA

When first moving into a new apartment, there is no doubt that things feel rushed. You just want to get all of your stuff inside the apartment and arrange it in a way that makes the most sense at that time. However, after living in your space for three, maybe six months, you may start to wonder if there is a better way to do it. Maybe you keep bumping into a chair that is awkwardly arranged, or you feel like your furniture is taking up too much space? Regardless, rearranging your apartment furniture can completely change the look and feel of your space and create a more inviting and open essence to your apartment. Here are some expert tips on how to rearrange your apartment furniture.

1. Keep Furniture Against Walls

Keeping your furniture flat against the wall can help to make your apartment home look larger than it actually is. Keeping furniture against the walls – as opposed to situating your couch in the middle of the room or breaking up space with a chair – will create a more open floor plan if your space is feeling cramped. If you are getting new furniture, your room will look even larger if you incorporate furniture that is similar in color to your walls.

2. Incorporate Mirrors as Décor on Empty Walls

If you have some mirrors in your home, you can actually use these as wall décor when rearranging furniture. Rather than keeping your floor length mirror tucked away in your closet, place it on an empty wall in the living room or hang it above the couch like you would a piece of art. Mirrors are known for making spaces look larger than they really are, which will have a huge impact on your final design when you are finished rearranging your apartment.

3. Foster Conversation

Another furniture rearranging idea is to situate your furniture so that it fosters conversation and connection. For example, you could have a couch on one wall and two chairs facing the couch. This allows people to sit and naturally face one another, rather than have everyone sitting and facing a wall. This super easy furniture rearrangement will make your apartment much more inviting, particularly if you like to have friends and family over often! If you need ideas, recruit some of those friends to come over and see what they think would feel the most natural.

4. Face the View

Want to improve your quality of life a little bit? Many home design experts believe that you should always have your furniture “face the view” Move your bed so that when you get up in the morning, you are facing the window. Have your couch or chair face the window, or put a bench next to a window to soak in your view. Even if you don’t have the most perfect view, waking up to the natural light will put you in a better mood and drastically change the way you feel when relaxing in your space.

5. Adjust Furniture to Encourage Storage

It is easy for apartments to start feeling cluttered – that is probably half the reason you are looking to rearrange your furniture! If you can, adjust some of your furniture to encourage better storage. You can purchase bed risers for your bed that will add one foot of storage space under your bed. You can also make use of furniture that incorporates storage solutions, such as a foot rest with a container inside, or coffee tables with multiple shelves. Anything that will help remove clutter and get items off your floor will make your apartment look so much better.

Apartment Living in Dulles, VA

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